As a brand conscious of alleviating lifestyles issues of common populace these days, Elevate Wellness draws on the benefits of organically sourced Hemp plant and its bi-products. To reach this destination, we travelled back to around 2000 B.C. to read our Vedas. We’ve juiced the benefits of the plant, believed to be one of the five sacred plants, into multiple products - each targeting and treating several different ailments.

It’s been a journey to achieve our objective amidst growing confusion of CBD with marijuana. As a partly educational initiative, we’ve sought to bring forth the harmless nature of hemp with its negligible THC levels. Not too much to affect cognition, emotion, or biology - but enough to treat different bodily issues in right measures. Moving forward, we wish to dispel the stigma and myths surrounding this wonderous natural medicinal plant. We do this through our products which range from hemp seeds to CBD oils.

Wondering What Hemp Is? Why Is It So Popular Today?

We’re glad you asked! The Hemp plant growing in the Himalayas is a natural superfood rich in proteins, fibres, minerals and vitamins and aids in the overall physical well-being of anyone who consumes it. Hemp’s biggest advantage lies in it’s totally organic nature. No herbicides and pesticides necessary.

Here are some reasons why Hemp is “our plant” at Elevate Wellness:

Boosts The Immune system

Improves Heart Health

Maintains Hormone Health

Treats Skin Maladies

Induces Weight Loss

With this miraculous plant as our patron, we looked into organic sourcing, extraction, and inculcation of Hemp for developing our end products. And so, it’s proven to be an exciting journey of seeking out the full potential of Hemp. It’s our journey - here at Elevate Wellness - for current generations and the ones to come.

Our Philosophy

Healthcare doesn’t stop here. Try Elevate Wellness for additional benefits for the home that’s your body.


At Elevate Wellness we endeavour to improve the health of the society by providing our unprocessed CBD products.


To create a fit and healthy society with CBD products derived from our organically and ethically sourced hemp.

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