Cannabryl Dewaxed Tincture 30 ml (1:1)
Cannabryl Dewaxed Tincture 30 ml (1:1)
Cannabryl Dewaxed Tincture 30 ml (1:1)
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Cannabryl Dewaxed Tincture 30 ml (1:1)

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*Prescription Only Medicine

A doctor's prescription will be needed to purchase this product. If you already have one, kindly send it to us by clicking the Whatsapp icon on the right corner of the page or by emailing us at Failure of sending it within 3 days of purchase will result in the order getting automatically cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded to the customer within 7-10 working days. In case you don't have a prescription, please click here.


Dewaxed Cannabis Tincture is a composition based on dewaxed cannabis extract, in which the waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll of the plant are removed to a large amount to improve the Tinctures flavour and texture. The extract is dark green (blackish brown) in hue due to the presence of chlorophyll. Apart from waxes, lipids, and chlorophyll, dewaxed tincture contains all active naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The dewaxed goods sold under the Cannabryl Brand taste like any other medical flavour, but with a distinct Cannabis flavour. However, it is not greasy or oily. The Tincture is readily swallowed down the throat after mixing with saliva.

Waxes and lipids, which are found naturally in cannabis extract, are non-active and have no therapeutic use. Our pharmacists worked hard to remove these waxes and make the purest concentration possible, especially for pharmaceutical items that would be breathed or given sublingually. We use a dewaxing method known as winterization, which includes the use of a solvent, generally food-grade ethanol, followed by cold filtration. Wax is secreted by the cannabis plant when it is exposed to the sun's high heat. The wax will build a barrier around the plant's leaves and buds' cuticles. This occurs naturally within the plant and is necessary for the plant's existence. Cannabis leaves strive to preserve the plant's nutrients while the sun tries to take moisture from them. Cannabis produces wax in order to hang on to its water supply for as long as possible. A water dome is created by wax. Plant wax has a sticky consistency. If you were to incorporate plant wax in a tincture recipe. Patients would be unable to properly take the vitamin. It has a tendency to cling to the insides of the bottle. As a result, bottling was never a suitable option for giving medicine to youngsters or patients who were a bit older. As a result, our pharmacists employed a specific ratio of cannabis extract and carrier oil. Although it appears to be a straightforward method, we had a lot of trouble obtaining the right carrier oil. We used Castor oil, Coconut oil, and Cannabis Seed Oil, but because India is such a large country with diverse terrain and temperature, one answer did not fit all tinctures. MCT oil became our go-to option in the end (Coconut oil derived only). MCT oil improves the bioavailability of medication in the body of a patient. It's similar to taking an ayurvedic medication with honey; the results are superior. Pure MCT oil sourcing was also a difficulty, since most MCT oil is imported into India, and much of it is obtained from genetically modified palm oil plants, defeating the goal of creating an effective medication. As a result of this problem, we decided to make our own MCT oil. The end result was amazing. We paid careful attention to the packaging material that comes into contact with the drug. It should be made of glass and not recycled material, and it should not include any substance (used to colour glass) that might dilute the medicine. All materials, including the glass pipette and silicone cap, are sanitised before use. Kid-resistant caps (CRC) must be pressed down before they can be opened, so no child can just spin it and open it. The final product is in front of you, and it is designed to treat and heal God's creatures with the help of eminent and experienced doctors.

Ratio of CBD: THC - 1:1 or 50/50. 30 ml bottle contains 480 drops of medicine.

1000 MG

  • 1000 mg of Cannabidiols per 30 ml bottle
  • 500 mg of CBD and 500 mg of THC

    1500 MG

    • 1500 mg of Cannabidiols per 30 ml bottle
    • 750 mg of CBD and 750 mg of THC

      3000 MG

      • 3000 mg of Cannabidiols per 30 ml bottle
      • 1500 mg of CBD and 1500 mg of THC

        How To Use

        • Orally - You can place it under your tongue (this is known as taking something sublingually).


        • Psoriasis
        • Artery blockage
        • Bone degeneration
        • Muscle spasms
        • Seizures


        • Do not purchase/use this product if you have glaucoma.
        • Do not use this product if you have liver issues.
        • Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
        • Strictly for sale only to individuals above the age of 21.


        Strong Entourage Effect


        A Doctor's prescription is required to purchase the following product.

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